Publication:Johnson City Press; Date:Oct 31, 2007; Section:Front Page; Page Number:1A

Men steal pizza from driver at gunpoint

By KRISTEN SWING Press Staff Writer

    Police are searching for two people who apparently were so desperate for pizza Monday, they robbed a delivery man at gunpoint.

    Someone reportedly called Domino’s Pizza late Monday night requesting two pizzas be delivered to 160 E. Highland Road, an address police later recognized as that of a vacant building which has been for sale for some time.

    When the delivery man arrived at the address shortly before midnight Tuesday, a black man wearing a hooded jacket was standing in the driveway waiting for him. According to reports, the suspect approached the delivery man and jokingly said, “This pizza’s for free isn’t it?”

    When the delivery man said, “No,” and gave him the total cost, another black man wearing a black hooded sweater and baggy black carpenter pants reportedly came from around the corner of a porch, walked behind the Domino’s employee and said, “No, this pizza is free.”

    The second robber held a small silver-tipped pistol in his right hand, police said. He spoke once more saying, “I’m serious,” and the duo then grabbed the pizzas from the delivery man’s hands and ran away.

    They were last seen running northbound, up a small driveway to the west of Taylors Ridge Road, according to reports.

    The first suspect was described as being 5-feet-10-inches tall and weighing somewhere between 160 and 170 pounds. The second suspect also was estimated at 5-feet-10-inches tall, but was believed to be slightly thinner than his partner in crime. Both individuals were estimated to be somewhere between the ages of 17 and 21, police said.

    Anyone with any information regarding the robbery is asked to call the Johnson City Police Department at 434-6166. To remain anonymous, tipsters can call Crimestoppers at 434-6158.