Publication:Johnson City Press; Date:Mar 26, 2008; Section:Opinion; Page Number:6A

Electronic voting machines shouldnít be trusted

††††Paper ballots may be old-fashioned, but they are the only way to go.

††††My vote was recorded in 2004 in another state on a Diebold voting machine. I left the polling place, but by the time I reached my car I realized my sunglasses had been left behind, and I re-entered the polling place three minutes later. The machine containing my vote had just been rolled to the side. I asked why and was told it was out of order.

††††These machines are untrustworthy, open to manipulation by clever computer hacks. Recounts should be possible if necessary and paper ballots ensure this. Stealing votes is a practice which is not that rare especially if conditions encourage it (such as unmonitored machinery). Our democracy entitles every citizen to a vote. Paper ballots!


Johnson City

False statements by Cochran

††††Iím appalled about some of the things regarding Rep. Kent Williams that Jerome Cochran said in his announcement to oppose Williams. Nothing could be further from the truth and most of it was an out-andout lie.

††††Kent has accomplished more for Carter County in one year than his predecessor did in four. I would like to set the record straight. I work every day, shoulder to shoulder with Kent and know how he votes and where he stands on the issues.

††††Kent is pro-life to the point that he helped secure a grant for $18,000 to the Abortion Alternative Womenís Center in Elizabethton. He has hosted fundraisers and he personally donates money to Right-to-Life and the Elizabethton Center. He was greatly opposed to the money in the budget for Planned Parenthood.

††††Kent and I are both adamantly opposed to any state income tax.

††††Kent proved with his very first vote his willingness to mend fences in Nashville regardless of party affiliation in order to improve Carter Countyís relationship. As promised, he put the people of Carter County first. House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh has helped me with several issues for Washington County and has never asked for anything in return.

††††I agree this election is the future of Carter County and the best thing that ever happened to Carter County was when Kent Williams was elected in 2006. REP. DALE FORD 6th House District Jonesborough

Obama for change

††††ďIf Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.Ē

††††ó Geraldine Ferraro

††††Barack Obama is who he is because of his parents and God. Heís where he is because heís intelligent, well-liked, respected and capable of doing the job. I believe heíll do what he says heís going to do.

††††Heís receiving votes and endorsements from not only African-Americans, but from other races, genders and age groups as well.

††††Iím ready for change. I know there are people out there who are not ready for an African-American president, but itís a possibility. Itís time for a change. Change is good, most of the time, for the better.

††††I sincerely believe that Obama can be president of the United States. Get over it Ferraro. VALYA C. BURNEY Johnson City

Rationalize for yourself

††††Let me start by saying I am an atheist. I am writing in response to all those who have written in to the Johnson City Press recently touting creation over science.

††††I believe that the science of evolution offers me more of an explanation of how we came into existence than creationism. To think that humans have only been around for only 10,000 years is absurd. It has been scientifically proven that we have been around much longer.

††††I have never met a so-called Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or any other religious person that can prove to me that some imagined holy spirit created us. Most reference their religious books and canít prove scientifically that some sort of god ever existed.

††††Using the argument that there must have been a creator to design something so complex as the human body is absurd as well. Are people so weak that they canít use their own rational minds to figure out that isnít true? When I was younger I tried to believe what I was being taught. I have since realized none of it is true. The Christian Bible as we know it is not a complete book and will never be complete. It is a great work of good reading fiction, but thatís it.

††††I know I will get some hateful comments on this, but as an atheist I must speak up. Please use your rational minds to figure out what is true or not. BRUCE M. HERBERTSON III Erwin

Mail box tampering

††††It used to be against the law for people to tamper with mail boxes. Recently in my area people have been hanging fliers and other material on our mail boxes.

††††We do not need this problem and our authorities should be able to do something about it. Stiff fines and jail time would be the best for these people involved. Do we have any laws for protection any more? JERRY CLARK Johnson City