Publication:Johnson City Press; Date:Apr 16, 2008; Section:Opinion; Page Number:6A

‘We are on wrong track and need complete sweep’

    It is true that Americans are depressed and feel their country is on the wrong track.

    For the past seven years and the advent of the Middle East wars our nation was the brunt of a government fear campaign with red/yellow/green colorcoded home securities warning codes. Like lab animals, we reacted by huddling and withdrawing. Meanwhile most of the nation’s wealth was constantly vacuumed off to a few of the wealthiest families and corporations leaving only crumbs for the middle class and nothing for the poverty stricken.

    We finally reached bottom before the government even acted by rescuing whom? The suffering homeowner? No. Why, the suffering wealthy investment banks, of course. Newer laws are before Congress to help the home builders and the citizen homeowners. They may not pass. Congress is wondering why it should help its citizens.

    Now to the question as to whether we are on the wrong road. One has to only look at the actions of Congressman Wynne of Maryland to have that answer. Wynne was defeated last primary and is finishing his period of employment as a congressman. He decided not to wait and took a job making big bucks as a lobbyist while still employed as a congressman. This kind of behavior is acceptable, apparently, as no ethics charges have been brought.

    Yes, we are on the wrong track and need a complete sweep. All the present occupants need to get out of these government jobs and newer, more ethical people in.


Johnson City

Direction of America

    I have mixed feelings about the direction in which we are moving. This is a great country and there are only two things I love better: my lord and savior Jesus Christ and my family. Undoubtedly we have serious problems, but the problems I see are probably not the ones others would think of.

    Spiritually we have been bankrupt for a while and it gets worse daily. I saw there is a move afoot to form a formal organization to benefit homosexuals and other “fringe” groups aligned with them. Let me reiterate: I do not hate homosexuals. I hate the sin they commit — not the person. This is biblical and there is no debate on that.

    I hope people would have compassion for these misguided people. I am deeply disappointed that a local clergyman finds it expedient to align himself with this group. I must be reading a different Bible than these people. We need to respect the person but condemn the sin they commit.

    “Children” are involved in brutal activity. Girls ganging up on and brutally beating another girl and a teacher attacked by a female student. This is just another example of the erosion of biblical principles that started when Christ was removed from the schools. We never had anything remotely like this when I was going to school.

    Lastly, when the University of Tennessee women played Stanford in the women’s basketball finals you could see the difference in the patriotism of the Bible belt and the liberal left. Two people on the Stanford team saluted the national anthem. All of the UT players and coaches saluted.


Johnson City

Concealed weapons

    I’ve been amused at brave anti-gun rhetoric in recent letters to the editor. I can’t help but wonder how brave that rhetoric would have been had the writers been present in one of the classrooms at Virginia Tech where 32 innocent people were brutally murdered.

    It’s highly probable that several of the 32 unfortunate victims were also anti-gunners. And it’s not hard to visualize one or more of them lying on a blood-soaked floor completely helpless, pleading for their lives and praying fervently for any means with which to protect themselves. But thanks to their own anti-gun rhetoric and support of anti-gun causes they were not allowed handguns with which to defend themselves. So they died not like men, but like sheep.

    Sadly, there is no way to bring those poor souls back to life. But if there were I dare say that none would be anti-gun. They would finally have realized that every citizen has a fundamental right to selfdefense. And they would finally have understood that anti-gun laws disarm only law-abiding citizens not the perpetrators of crime.

    It is a well documented fact that in states where laws have been passed allowing qualified, vetted people to carry concealed weapons, crime has gone down, not up. Moreover, laws placing specific areas off limits or allowing entities to restrict the carrying of concealed weapons on their premises only set up killing zones that will be known and exploited in the future by deranged persons intent on mayhem.


Johnson City

MSHA not-for-profit?

    What does not-for-profit mean? If Mountain States Health Alliance doesn’t make a profit how can they afford to go out and purchase other hospitals? How can they afford to pay all of the salaries for technicians and nurses and equipment and the big executives? How can they afford to do all of the improvements and additions?

    I have been around businesses for a long time and each of them had to make a certain profit to stay in business. Who or what can we believe anymore? JERRY CLARK Johnson City