Publication:Johnson City Press; Date:Apr 25, 2008; Section:Opinion; Page Number:6A

Student athletes should have opportunity to attend church

    I would very much like to commend sports writer Douglas Fritz and the Johnson City Press for publishing the article “Schools should reconsider scheduling games on Sunday.”

    It would be hard to improve upon the points he expressed in the article. Mr. Fritz clearly pointed out that scheduling athletic games on Sunday mornings is in fact telling students that athletic activities are more important than their worship experience in church with their families. Schools should not indoctrinate students toward any one form of worship, but also they should not schedule discretionary activities that prevent students from worshiping if they should choose to do so.

    School administrators, athletic directors and coaches should realize that they are also role models and responsible for being advocates of students’ welfare academically, physically and yes, morally. Let’s remember that historically numerous teaching facilities were started as Christian endeavors where morality was of the highest order.

    How can parents teach children that there is a “fundamental truth of right and wrong that God has established” and have schools telling them by actions that worldly endeavors are more important?


Johnson City

Proud of Fritz

    Never could I be more proud of Douglas Fritz than in the column he wrote in the April 15 edition. He not only was writing for the newspaper, but he was also writing from the heart.

    I only know Doug from the times I have seen him covering sporting events, but the times I have seen him in years past he has always been a man one could be proud to have working for an individual or a large company. His attitude and his character always shows of good and solid morals.

    I found this out when I was blessed to see his daughter play basketball for the Elizabethton Cyclones. His daughter always performs with the desire to be the best she can be to make her team the best it can be. I especially remember once when she fouled out of a game (close calls) and cried like her heart would burst. To me this spoke volumes toward parents who have raised their child right.

    In saying all the above I am proud of Doug Fritz in the biggest way. I am also proud of him for his preps notes story about scheduling high school sports during Sunday morning. These children are at a critical age in their life to be taught right and wrong. I, along with others I have talked to, agree with Douglas Fritz.



God is masculine

    There was an ambivalent feeling as I read two articles on the Opinion/Editorial page of the Johnson City Press edition of April 16. Since I am a Christian, I read with interest “Direction of America” (by J.G. Daniel) and I believe kudos should be extended to the writer.

    On that same page however, there was an article by Cokie and Steve Roberts which included a questionable paragraph (with a nonbiblical statement). The gist of my objection is in the following excerpt: “Even though God clearly created baseball ... she clearly made some mistakes.”

    In my opinion, every Biblebelieving Christian would claim that the pronoun should be masculine, not feminine. A reference to our heavenly father should not be distorted or be made in jest.

    The preceding paragraph was not written to be captious, but instead to rectify an inaccurate assertion.


Johnson City

Downtown cleaning

    I would like to thank all of the volunteers and the city of Johnson City for participating in Washington County’s Great American Clean Up on April 12.

    Special recognition is made to Southeast Regional Training Center members Dean Odioms and David Ashby of Kingsport, and Larry Moore of Weaverville, N.C., who helped pick up trash, painted, swept and weeded in the area near West Market and Main streets of downtown Johnson City.


Johnson City