Publication:Johnson City Press; Date:Apr 27, 2008; Section:Opinion; Page Number:2B

Purpose of Earth Day totally lost on Rep. Davis

    The day after Earth Day I received an e-mail from Rep. David Davis saying he hears people complaining about the price of gasoline. His recommendation is we “build a new refinery and a ‘safe’ nuclear power plant.” If he promises to build a home and live next door to the “safe” power plant I just might support that idea.

    How does a new refinery help me today or tomorrow when I go to buy gas? Aren’t oil companies making enough of a profit as it is? He says not one word about renewable sources of energy. I guess Earth Day just went by too quickly to get his attention.


Johnson City

Bible says it is a sin

    The April 13 article on Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays quoted the Rev. John Shuck as saying, “it really is OK” to be gay. One would think that Mr. Shuck, “a member of the clergy for 16 years,” would be familiar with passages in scripture which speak of the natural pairing of man and woman and against homosexuality.

    He should know that homosexuality is a sin and it is not OK. It is not an “alternative lifestyle,” and simply changing the label will not make it acceptable either to God or man.

    The article spoke of those who want to help gays and lesbians in the area with the formation of this organization. But an organization which merely perpetuates rebellious behavior against God is not helpful.

    However, there is good news. God’s love is so great that he made a way for sinful man to come to Him. He sent his son to live a perfect life and to die in the place of sinful men. All one need do is turn from sin to him, receive the benefits of his atoning death on the cross and then truly live.

    God provided an organization to help those trapped in a life of sin. It is called the church — the body of Christ.



Punishment enforcement

    It was interesting to see, on the front page of your April 17 paper, an article about the death sentence immediately above an article on stiffer animal abuse sentences. The articles are unrelated of course, but the layout was amusing.

    With the death sentence via lethal injection being green-lighted, unwanted humans will be killed just like unwanted dogs. Or is it that unwanted dogs are being killed like criminals?

    Either way, I am in favor of animal abuse being a felony. I applaud Animal Control Director Debbie Dobbs for supporting this improvement and making our community a better place to live and raise our families.

    I used to see regular letters from Michael Ball, a local animal lover who strongly advocated harsher sentences for animal abusers. He encouraged the public to settle for no less. It was always heartbreaking to read about the animals he described.

    Dobbs said that the laws needed to combat this serious problem have been on the books for some time. Their enforcement has come none too soon. EILEEN STREET Johnson City

Cost of free speech

    We are reminded almost every day of the high price of free speech in America. If you had to explain to someone just how high that price is you could do it in two words: Bill Maher.

    Remember, this is the same Bill Maher who called the 9/11 terrorists “courageous” and our military “cowardly.” The painful irony is that our military sacrifices their lives so that people like Maher can say these things with impunity.

    I’m sure Maher thinks he is brave to say what he said about the pope and the Catholic Church recently. I think he probably feels that he is a pretty “tough” guy.

    Think about this. If he had slandered Muhammad and Muslims the way he slandered the pope and Catholics, HBO wouldn’t have to worry about firing him. He would be dead.


Johnson City

Wasting taxpayer money

    After reading the letter to the editor about the (Washington County) school board selling a desk, I have to ask: Who has the right to sell taxpayers’ property without it going on sale at a public auction?

    Grant Rowland is a good man and did a good job of running the schools, but the bottom line is that it was the taxpayers who paid his salary. I don’t know what the desk in question cost, but it was probably in the thousands of dollars. Now who is going to pay for a new desk and for the new director of schools? The county taxpayers, that’s who.

    We just had a property tax increase and we’ll have another one next year. Granted we needed the new schools and the jail expansion. It was a good move to build the courthouses next to the jail. These things we need, but not the waste of money.

    If the people we have elected are not going to stop wasting then we need new blood in county offices. If they run with no one opposing them, then leave that one blank. If they get elected by only a few votes they will get the point. It’s time to get out of the good-old-boy country syndrome and move on to the real world.

    Remember taxpayers, it is your money. If you like them digging into your bank account just keep putting them in office and I can assure you they will dig deeper.


Johnson City