Publication:Johnson City Press; Date:Apr 27, 2008; Section:Opinion; Page Number:2B

Do some people have nothing else to do but worry about lifestyle?


††††The Bible-quoting letter in the April 16 edition of the Press from J.G. Daniel (who I assume is a man, as most women seem to have few hang-ups about gays of either sex) demands a rebuttal.

††††Sadly, itís people like Mr. Daniel, not I, who have a problem, allowing themselves to be influenced by ancient Jewish tribal laws that have no relevance in modern society. Theyíre trapped in a prison of their own making: frustrated, agitated, confused and as blinded to the light of reality as are the adherents of any organized religion.

††††Unlike them, Iím one of the happiest, most well-adjusted people you could ever know. And why is that? Because I am gay, a situation Iíve never had a problem with and a lifestyle with which Iíve been gloriously content and happy. Most important, Iím free.

††††The one question I always have for those who appear to have nothing more to do than worry about othersí sex lives is, how is it affecting you?

††††One guy may like women, the beach and cats. I happen to like men, mountains and dogs. Does that make one of us any better or worse than the other? I happen to like modern architecture and classical music. Am I that different from another man who prefers Victorian houses and country music? I love oranges and hate cauliflower; why should I be deprived of oranges and be forced to eat cauliflower?

††††If your religion taught that eating oranges was a ďsinĒ and cauliflower was a ticket into heaven, you would be thumping your holy book and declaring that a sweet juicy orange would lead one straight to hell, while proselytizing the saving grace of a bitter head of cauliflower.

††††Donald Taylor lives in Johnson City