Publication:Johnson City Press; Date:Feb 25, 2009; Section:Opinion; Page Number:6A

Two proposed bills would prevent adoptions

    I hope that residents of Tennessee will contact their legislators and voice oppostion to SB0078 and its companion bill HB0605. These bills introduced by state Sen. Paul Stanley and state Rep. John DeBerry, respectively, will prevent adoption of children by qualified couples.

    This legislation will hurt residents of the Tri-Cities. I work with families on a daily basis. A couple in my church is raising a child. With this type of legislation they would not be able to adopt this child and achieve the needed legal and social support.

    This bill is ideologically based and does not take into account the lives of real human beings. These are hard-working people who pay taxes and who vote. They provide stable, loving homes for children who would otherwise have nowhere else to go.

    Perhaps Stanley and DeBerry would like to raise these children, pay for their education, food, clothing, shelter and medical expenses? Or should we send them to the orphanage, forget about them, and let the taxpayers foot the bill?

    Discrimination is ugly and expensive.



PFLAG Tri-Cities

Party line or out

    The ouster of House Speaker Kent Williams from the Tennessee Republican Party flies in the face of sensibility. Since when did doing the right thing become the wrong thing to do?

    To “represent” an individual means to act in their stead. GOP Chairwoman Robin Smith’s action in ousting Williams is telling everyone that the only way to represent their constituents is by voting the Republican Party line.

    I, for one, believe this is nonsense. Do Democrats and independents across our state not have good ideas? I want whoever is representing me to vote for the “right thing to do,” not vote for whatever is expedient and/or condoned by the party.

    When our country was founded, there were no “politicians” at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The signers were true patriots, banded together for a common cause, doing the right thing and truly representing their constituents.

    Congratulations to Williams for making a stand in trying to eliminate partisanship and standing up for the right thing to do. R. GEORGE HEATON Johnson City

Narrow-minded leaders

    This is in response to our GOP leaders who voted to oust House Speaker Kent Williams from the Republican Party.

    As a Republican, I find this to be very narrowminded. Are these Republicans the only ones capable of running the state of Tennessee? I don’t think so.

    If I could vote in the upcoming election that GOP Chairwoman Robin Smith wants her name placed in, take a guess what my vote would be. JAMES F. BRANCH Johnson City

Plan will backfire

    Robin Smith and the GOP’s decision to oust Kent Williams has only succeeded in creating a backfire that will resound in the voting booths in 2010. Running the negative ads against Williams after ousting him only threw kerosene on the fire.

    Nobody tells Carter County what to do. Not to understand that fundamental is to be clueless about politics in Upper East Tennessee. VICKI SHELL Johnson City

We need jobs now

    Are you feeling ripped off? I am.

    Cost of a barrel of oil is $34 compared to the cost of a gallon of gasoline, which is $1.95 and rising.

    Less consumption equals lower costs at the pump (so we were told) — hasn’t happened.

    Only when a barrel of oil costs $100 should a gallon of gas cost $3 at the pump. This is what I read in my newspaper way back when prices began to soar and greed became so apparent on the oil markets.

    The media always tries to make us feel better by saying, “Although prices are high, they’re cheaper than they were this time a month or a year (whatever) ago.”

    Well, yesterday, last month or a year ago — I had a job.

    If a gallon of gas was 22 cents like it was back in the 1950s, I couldn’t buy it today.

    I can’t buy anything — and by the way, Mr. President — no job means I can’t pay the taxes you’ll be needing to pay back that big stimulus bailout money you’re giving to everyone else but the good old American taxpayers who are being ripped off for something they didn’t cause — NAFTA screwed us when it took our jobs to China and Mexico and gave us in return tainted toys and poisoned foods.

    Where’s that change we all can believe in? How about some government of the people, by the people and for the people?

    We need jobs that pay decent wages. Today, not next year. JUDY MORROW Jonesborough