Publication:Johnson City Press; Date:Aug 23, 2009; Section:Opinion/Editorial; Page Number:2B

European-style health care system will damage everything

    If President Obama’s Europeanstyle health care is implemented into our society, it will distort our current system. We will all be subject to health care rationing courtesy of the taxpayer. Moreover, the Democratic Congress would seek to extend health care coverage to millions of United States residents who historically have chosen to live without health insurance.

    Without a doubt this Obamastyle health care will include millions of illegal aliens. Unfortunately, the far left approach will dramatically increase the demand of our now excellent medical services such as hospitals, nursing homes and emergency rooms. Doctors will be overwhelmed with cost control under the new insurance policies that will inevitably bring about increased prices. This will essentially take away our dedicated doctors’ and nurses’ fundamental rights.

    Let us not forget the elderly, who have faithfully paid into Medicare but under Obama care would shamefully need approval of insurance bureaucrats to get a medical procedure. What will it take to convince President Obama that the history of the 20th century clearly reveals that freedom of choice, free market systems and a tax cut for citizens and small businesses will preserve and flourish health care?


Palm Harbor, Fla.

Downtown floods

    In 1936, when I was 6 years old and in first grade at North Side School, heavy rain flooded downtown. I know because my brother, 8 at the time, and I sloshed down there to wade.

    The latest inundation occurred this year, which is 2009. Even today’s first-grader can do the math: 2009 minus 1936 equals 73 years and a bunch of floods. Only 27 years to the centennial by my personal calendar.

    Hurrah. I can barely wait.


Johnson City


    This is not a letter about world problems or health care, but it is about something that is very important to me.

    I worked until I was 70 years old when I retired. I had several older grandchildren, but because of my working hours, I never got to enjoy them as I would have liked to do.

    I retired in May of 2004 and my youngest daughter was expecting twins in June of that same year.

    When they were born I got to be such a big part of their lives from the very start.

    When they started walking and talking, I learned a new appreciation for the simplest of things. Like watching the clouds or just walking in the grass. We watched birds and butterflies. Just simple little things that most of us grownups take for granted. But all of these things were amazing for them.

    Now they are starting kindergarten and their small little world will start to expand for them.

    I will have a whole lot of time to get involved with something else. It leaves me sad and happy at the same time.

    Their names are Ethan John Banks and Emma Jean Banks.

    To them I am “Memaw Jean with the truck.” And I wanted them to know that I love them very much.


Johnson City

Uplifting story

    Such a wonderful story about the abused cat, Beegee, who has found a new home with a loving caretaker. I also feel it is especially rewarding that this cat did not have to break the bond already formed with Lindsey while she was being cared for at Young’s Animal Hospital.

    People with a normal frame of mind cannot conceive how some prankster would think it “fun” to torture any animal with an arrow. But it is nourishing to the human psyche to realize there are many others with the milk of human kindness who have enough compassion and patience to wait until an abused animal can begin to trust again. Certainly this is a bond that should not have had to be broken, and as an animal lover, I am thankful Beegee wormed her way into Lindsey’s heart so it didn’t have to be.



Best solution

    In today’s world, there are some people in our society who, when things go wrong, take for granted or assume they have it all figured out and they go ahead with their plans — when in fact, the solution is very simple: “You need to ask first.” Why? There may be a better solution.